Franchise opportunities have really expanded over the years. There are now franchises spanning practically every industry for budgets of all sizes. However, franchises usually require financing on some level, and it can be confusing which one is right for your operation. We are going to look at a few of the most popular forms of franchise financing, and how they help new business owners.

Small Business Loans

Small business loans are the most versatile forms of franchise financing available. From SBA loans to conventional working capital loans, these financing programs provide the funding necessary to launch a franchise operation. For franchisees, it is recommended that you work with a preferred lender that can fast track loans requests and get the best terms and rates for your area.

Franchise Financing For Equipment

Almost every franchise requires equipment. In some cases, franchises use equipment from specific vendors to meet the standards laid out by the franchisor. Depending on the terms of the franchise agreement, franchisees will have to either purchase or lease the equipment, vehicles, appliances, or anything else they need. Equipment financing offers capital specifically to purchase equipment, with flexible terms.

Franchise Financing For Real Estate

Some franchises require stand-alone establishments which are either modified to meet the requirements of the franchisor, or are built from the ground up. In both cases, there are franchise financing programs designed specifically for purchasing property and for construction. There are a number of commercial real estate financing solutions available which can be tailored to the needs of your franchise operation to get things up and running as quickly as possible.

Growing Your Franchise

Some franchisees have the ambition and dedication to grow a small empire, with establishments in multiple neighborhoods. If you are looking to set up new franchises or buy out existing establishments, there are a number of franchise financing options available. Acquisition financing allows franchisees to buy out existing establishments and add them to their portfolios. SBA working capital loans allow franchisees to open new franchises using the cash flow from existing franchise locations.

Talk To The Experts

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