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At Speritas Capital Partners, we realize that different companies invest in commercial real estate for different reasons. That’s why we have put together the widest range of commercial real estate financing options available in the market, including bridge loans, permanent financing and conventional loan financing to make sure that even your largest commercial projects can be brought to fruition. Our experts will help you determine which is best for you.

Choose Your Financing Method

  • Bridge Loans: Short-term loan products can give you the time you need to line up your long-term financing, allowing you to close on investments sooner.
  • Construction Financing: Multi-stage loans that use the equity you create to fund the next part of your building plan are necessary for almost every large construction job.
  • Multifamily Acquisition Loans: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae long-term financing are available in most markets starting at $1 million. Private lending also available.
  • HUD/FHA loans: These loan programs can be a great fit for a variety of assisted living facilities.
  • SBA Loans: Available for acquisition and expansion of owner-occupied commercial real estate. Maturities up to 25 years can be a great way to manage cash flow while converting rent payments into equity.
  • CMBS Loans: Very efficient financing for stabilized commercial properties. Non-recourse available.
  • Conventional Loans: 10 to 30 year amortizing, fixed-rate instruments are still among the most popular ways to fund buildings with values of up to $50 million.
  • Mezzanine and Equity Financing: If you need more than traditional loan instruments can offer, additional leverage in the form of equity or mezzanine debt are an excellent options.

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