SBA 7a Loan to Acquire a Pizza Restaurant

This CT entrepreneur was initially turned down by local lenders because of her lack of experience. Learn how Speritas Capital Partners helped her overcome her funding challenges and secure a $200K SBA 7a loan.

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$8MM Equipment Financing

This 100 year-old flooring manufacturer was unable to obtain financing for a new patented vinyl flooring line due to existing debt. Learn how Speritas Capital Partners found an interested alternative lender.

sun sba 7a franchise acquisition deal

$4+MM SBA 7a Franchise Aquisition

This successful West Coast franchise manager wanted to purchase the 21 location business from the owner. Learn how Speritas Capital Partners found an loan structure that worked for both buyer & seller.

Commercial & Industrial Lending - Aircraft acquisition refinance

$750K Aircraft Financing | Commercial Industrial Loan

A bank relationship referred this high net worth investor to Speritas Capital for help refinancing a private aircraft. Learn how Speritas preserved relationships for a borrowing win all around.

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$200K 1-4 Family | Commercial Real Estate

An experienced commercial real estate investor wanted to expand into CT. Speritas helped identify and set up a loan facility with a new lending partner to accommodate their growth.