Importers and exporters are frequently faced with large and unexpected orders from customers. Unfortunately, many in the import/export business do not have the capital on hand to cover unexpected orders. However, there is a fast and efficient solution to fulfilling large orders without navigating the red tape of traditional financing institutions.

An Alternative To The Debt Cycle

Purchase order financing provides an alternative to traditional short-term loans. Import/export businesses can cover large orders without dealing with traditional lending vehicles. Purchase order financing is an advance in working capital designed to cover the cash flow strain from filling large customer orders. This form of financing does not place any debt on the books, because purchase order financing is repaid from your customer’s payment upon receipt of goods.

Start Taking On Larger Client Accounts Today

At Speritas Capital Partners, we help entrepreneurs in the import-export industry handle customer orders of all sizes with fast, efficient, and affordable solutions. To learn more about purchase order financing and how it can help your business to thrive in a competitive marketplace, contact our team today.

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