If you are running a small business, you can benefit from business credit cards that will provide you with an infusion of capital when you need it, a chance to build your credit rating and make the purchases you need. The advantages to using business cards are numerous, and any small company should apply benefit from the numerous opportunities provided.

Extra Form of Capital

While it is important to keep a handle on expenses and to ensure they don’t get out of control, almost every business needs an extra capital lift from time to time. Unlike an individual with a paycheck, a business may have boom times and slow periods, and may need a capital infusion to prepare for high productivity or to fill orders with the expectation of seeing high revenues result. Applying for a small business loan can be time consuming, and the opportunity may pass by the time the loan is available. Getting financing through business credit cards is an increasingly popular way for small businesses to get cash quickly; it is estimated that 37% of small businesses use this option rather than traditional loans and lines of credit.

Different Than Business Credit Cards

Business cards have advantages to a personal card because they allow you to keep business expenses separate from personal expenses. This is an essential step in running a company, because mixing the two can lead to trouble early on. In addition, a company card can enable you to issue them to employees and track expenses. This can enhance efficiency and direct you to where costs need to be reduced. A business card allows you to make larger purchases than you would with a personal card, and may have flexible payment options rather than a set amount each month. Since business owners, unlike individuals, may have periods when they make more or less money, the flexible payment options available with a company card are helpful.

Help You Establish Business Credit

To get a business loan, it is essential to establish strong business credit, and a card can help you do this. Even though, as a business owner, you may have strong personal credit, this may not be enough to generate confidence among banks and lenders concerning your company. Making charges on a company card and paying them off promptly will stand you in good stead regarding business credit. Good credit leads to expanded opportunities, and a business credit cards can be a stepping stone for greater financing options in the future as your business grows.


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