Recently Funded | $2.5 Million Asset-Based Line of Credit – Industrial Consulting, CT


Line of credit buys time for consulting firm to restructure its business mix by refinancing existing debt with the help of Speritas Capital Partners.

A 30 year old northeast-based industrial consulting firm was pivoting its business mix in response to weakness in their legacy business.

Weak performance had caused stress in the company’s bank relationships which had begun limiting availability under an asset-based line of credit.

The company had a $1MM mortgage with a regional bank secured by their owner-user property, and this needed to be restructured and paid off at a discount as part of the overall restructuring.

The company also had a $1MM asset-based line of credit from a private lender. Due to recent weakness, this lender had excluded inventory from the eligible collateral pool entirely. The credit line needed to be refinanced with a new lender who would allow inventory in the eligible borrowing base.

Speritas Capital was brought in to identify a lender who would understand the turnaround story, the value of the existing collateral, and who was willing to pay off the existing bank mortgage at a discount.

This situation was right in Speritas Capital’s wheelhouse. Working closely with the company’s turnaround management consultant, Speritas Capital began to analyze the historical financial statements and near-term projections. At the same time, Speritas Capital created a short list of potential lenders.

The Loan Challenges

The new lender had to be a nonbank lender who was comfortable paying off the existing mortgage at a discount. Banks will generally not pay off another bank at a discount.

Any new lender had to be comfortable entering into a new relationship with a borrower in the early stages of a turnaround.

The best case would be to bring in one lender to take out the two existing lenders. Using one lender would avoid the need for an intercreditor agreement and prolonged negotiations. This is where we focused.

The problem was that many asset-based lenders will only lend against accounts receivable, inventory and machinery and equipment. Lenders usually have limited appetite for commercial real estate as collateral.

Identifying the Right Lender

Speritas Capital created a short-list of possible lenders. One of our relationships was with a creative alternative ABL lender who was able to consider accounts receivables, inventory, equipment and commercial real estate in the collateral pool.

The refinancing was structured in 2 parts:
(1) a revolving line of credit using the accounts receivable, inventory and real estate; and
(2) a term loan secured by the real estate. This structure gave the client a prudent mix of term debt and revolving credit.

Speritas Capital Partners helped a 30 year old industrial/manufacturing consulting firm from NE secure a $2.5MM asset-based line of credit that gave them time to pivot.

“The role of Speritas Capital is simple.  We identify the very best lender for the situation at the best rate – and get the loan funded.” Jeff Bardos, Speritas CEO

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Asset-Based Lines of Credit are often underutilized as a strategic solution in times of financial stress.

About this Asset-Based Line of Credit

There were three parts to this transaction:

  • Refinancing of the accounts receivable and inventory line of credit
  • Cash out refinancing secured by an owner-occupied, light industrial property
  • Repayment of a commercial mortgage at a discount







Conclusion – Post Finance Update

With the closing of this $2.5MM ABL line / term loan, the company now has a single lender excited about supporting the company’s growth and a financing structure that provides the needed liquidity for growth.

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