By Jeff Bardos, CEO, Speritas Capital Partners
Greenwich, CT – June, 2018

Speritas Capital recently assisted in the financing of a $10 million production line for a company several years into their turnaround. Our client had limited access to bank financing and limited free collateral. The challenge was to find a lender who would be comfortable taking only the new production line as collateral.

We succeeded in identifying the right equipment finance company and we assisted in the structuring of the lease. We were able to work with the leasing company to structure periodic reimbursement payments as the individual pieces of the line were delivered. These payments were critical to the company’s ability to manage cash flow and meet the covenants in their bank and debt agreements.

Our client recently commented that “we would not have been able to get there without your help.” To me, this summarizes what Speritas Capital is all about – helping clients expand their financing options and attain outcomes they would not be able to achieve on their own.

Speritas Capital Partners can help you finance new or used equipment through capital or operating leases. Our years of industry experience translates into flexible financing structures and quick responses.

We can finance nearly any type of business situation:

  • Lease financing available from $100,000 to $50 million
  • Capital and operating leases available
  • Little or no down payment
  • Get immediate use of the equipment with minimal up-front cost

We can finance nearly any type of business-related equipment:

  • Manufacturing equipment, including production lines
  • Yellow iron
  • Construction, forklifts, tooling
  • Transportation, from vans to transfer trucks
  • Medical equipment
  • Office equipment

We can finance nearly any type of business credit:

  • B, C, and D credits
  • Start-ups
  • Recent bankruptcies

We have programs designed for companies in a wide range of industries and in various stages of development. If you’re looking for new equipment and concerned about the potential strain on working capital, call or email me to discuss options.

About the Author
Jeff Bardos, CEO, Speritas Capital Partners

Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. After graduating from the Columbia Business School, he joined the New York Federal Reserve Bank as a senior staff member in Bank Supervision, leading the Bank Analysis department. From the nation’s central bank, Jeff moved into the private sector, working at senior levels in commercial banking, retail banking and risk management. He has also played senior founding roles in several start-ups. Learn more about Jeff.

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