Purchase Orders shipping on conveyor beltFund Unlimited Growth With Purchase Order Financing

Your ability to take on large or unexpected orders can fluctuate a lot with your cash flow, and finding the right funds in the right places can take time. That leaves your customers waiting and leaves you vulnerable to missing or delaying the next large order. If you need the funding for inventory or for manufacturing pre-sold goods, you need to look at how purchase order financing can help.

Purchase Order Financing Explained

A purchase order financing company will make direct payments to your suppliers, so that you can receive the raw materials, sub-assemblies or inventory you need to make finished goods for your customers. That’s why purchase order financing can be highly advantageous for your company, and can help get you take on larger projects or take on multiple projects.

Better than a traditional loan

Purchase order financing is more flexible that traditional lending. Banks generally won’t lend against purchase orders without some other form of collateral, and in most cases the approval process takes weeks or months. By contrast, a purchase order financing company needs only the purchase order itself as collateral, and with this in hand, it can then setup a payment to your suppliers in a short period of time.

Benefits of Financing With Purchase Orders

  • No long term debt
  • Reusable—finance new orders at will
  • Fast approvals and fast cash
  • No dilution of your equity
  • Grow your market share by fulfilling larger projects

When you are looking for the financing that allows you to deliver goods where ever and whenever you need them, then you really need to talk to Speritas Capital Partners about purchase order financing.