Consumer Finance


Consumers looking at jewelryConsumer Credit Resources for Small Businesses

The ability to offer credit to your customers creates opportunities for increased sales. Potential clients without their own credit can now purchase your products and services.  Consumer financing can be especially useful to home repair  and healthcare businesses.

Works for Practically Any Industry

Traditionally, the most common forms of consumer finance credit were designed to help with larger retail purchases. Now any business with services costing up to $10,000 can strategically use consumer credit programs.

Program Parameters

  • 580 or higher FICO score to qualify
  • Financing for those who have been refused by others
  • Tiered pricing and flexible interest rates
  • E-signature service and instant credit approval
  • Automatic collection on bad debt portfolios

With a consumer finance program, the lender manages the collection of payments, freeing up the business owner for other critical initiatives.

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