Consumers looking at jewelryConsumer Credit Resources for Small Businesses

Having the ability to offer your customers credit is more than just a milestone for your business. It can also be a turning point, since offering financing creates opportunities to benefit from your goods and services by providing those who do not have their own credit resources a path to patronage. This is especially helpful if you operate a company that is an essential service like home repair or healthcare.

Works for Practically Any Industry

Traditionally, the most common forms of consumer finance credit were designed to help with larger retail purchases. The fact is, though, that any business offering services costing up to $10,000 can make use of a program like this if there is the right opportunity and the right financial partner. That is where we come in.

Program Parameters

  • 580 or higher FICO score to qualify
  • Financing for those who have been refused by others
  • Tiered pricing and flexible interest rates
  • E-signature service and instant credit approval
  • Have us collect on bad debt portfolios

The biggest concern small business owners tend to have when it comes to credit is the management of their customers and the collection of payments. Speritas Capital Partners has put together a program that makes those parts easy by letting you turn them over to us.

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