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About the Speritas Team

Jeff Bardos, CEO Speritas Capital PartnersJeffrey Bardos, CEO

I founded Speritas Capital Partners to help small and medium-sized businesses broaden their access to the right kind of capital.

With 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, I bring a unique perspective and skill set to Speritas Capital.

Starting off at the NY Fed, I’ve worked at senior levels in commercial banking, retail banking, strategic planning, liquidity risk management and regulatory affairs.

I’ve also played senior founding roles in several start-ups where I learned first-hand that access to capital is one of the most significant hurdles facing small and medium-sized businesses.

Your greatest need as a business owner is for honest, actionable advice that can be translated into a clear and concise capital action plan. I’m happy to share my knowledge with my clients and with CT’s growth business owners through the CTNext Mentor Network program.

At Speritas, we work by partnering with business owners and executives to reach a common understanding of objectives, opportunities and risks. We help clients develop a compelling story for potential lenders – backed by numbers – that leads to successful funding.

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What makes Speritas Capital Partners different?

Our clients tell us that we’re unlike any other debt advisor they’ve ever met, with our decades of banking and creative deal structuring experience.

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Cathy Blood, Director of Marketing, Speritas Capital PartnersCathleen Blood,  Partner & Director of Marketing

My role at Speritas is to help potential clients understand why we’re different from (and better than!) other commercial debt advisors.

So I focus a lot of my time on telling funding stories and creating engaging (and educational) content that speaks to our great reputation and extensive banking & structuring experience.

While I began my career at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, I’ve spent the past 18 years embedded in the new media and digital world. I’ve started online businesses and I continue to help organizations with their overall online presence, including website visibility, local SEO, content creation, email communications and social media.

As a perpetual entrepreneur, I understand the extraordinary devotion business owners demonstrate every day. I also understand the resource challenges we all face – in particular, issues around managing people and scaling a business for growth.

Having experienced both entrepreneurial success and failure, I have a special interest in women-owned businesses and the funding challenges they continue to face despite recent advances.

I’m an active participant in local women’s business development programs and networking groups, including Woman Owned Greenwich, and I welcome the opportunity to speak to women’s entrepreneurial groups about both traditional funding and financing alternatives.

Even though the Women’s Business Ownership Act passed in 1988, (women could finally take out a business loan without a male cosigner), female entrepreneurs still face significant obstacles when trying to access capital. Through Speritas, I hope to build greater awareness among women of alternative and appropriate (nonbank) funding sources.

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