11 Steps to Starting Your Own Small Business

11 Steps to Starting Your Own Small Business

A great many people are attracted by the idea of starting up their own business and becoming self-employed. However, there are number of pitfalls and obstacles associated with starting up your own small business, any of which can cause your company to fail. Here are some steps to take in order to be on sound footing and have a reasonable chance for business success.

This step-by-step approach will provide the most logical and helpful way for setting up your own small business:

Start with an Idea

Get an idea about what kind of business you want to be in and start researching the market, as well as who your competitors would be

Create a Business Plan

Your business plan should address who your customers are, what you are trying to achieve, and how you will finance the first few years of business

Evaluate Finances

You need to have a plan for paying for the costs of startup, whether that comes from personal resources or whether you must rely on loans and investors

Choose a Business Structure

Your business structure affects everything about how you conduct business, how you pay your taxes, and the level of your personal liability in the event of business mishaps

Get Registered

In order to be a recognized business concern, you must register with the government and the IRS

Get Insured

Protecting your business is a must against eventualities like theft or some kind of damage and customer lawsuits, and you’ll also need to have insurance for your employees

Build a Team

Unless you’re planning to be a one-man show in business, you’ll need to surround yourself with good people who have the same objectives and values which you do

Get Branded

Identify the core values and image you want your company to project, and to be recognized by among the consumer population, and then advertise this brand consistently

Grow your Business

Devise various strategies which will help your business grow, by increasing sales and by extending your brand name recognition beyond your initial area of influence.

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